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WebWand is your personal assistant, yourAI Artist, Your SEO Expert, Your Business Partner, Your Translator...
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Chat With Any Website

Chat directly with the website you are on. Ask for a Summary, Create a Tweet, Plan an Instagram Post, Ask for an SEO Summary, Create an Image, Asking for the main topics.

WebWand Magically Chats directly with Your Site.
WebWand Core Feature 🪄

Build AI Images with DALL·E 3 and with MidJourney 😮

Ask WebWand for an image created from the article, a specific text within the article, or just typing directly with WebWand. We tap into DALL·E 3 and create amazing and stunning photos.

A perfect tool to simplify your blog images, social media images, or just your creativity.
WebWand Core Feature 🪄

Social Media on Cruise Control

Build Social Media Content Insanely Fast. WebWand builds your perfect Instagram post, Twitter thread, or LinkedIn post.
Use AI to grow your social reach TODAY.
WebWand Core Feature 🪄

Tap Into Our SEO Expert And Build At the Speed of AI

Find out the main keywords, related search keywords, build an outline for an article, build your entire SEO strategy.

Simplify Your SEO with WebWand.
WebWand's Future 🪄

Our Roadmap & Request a Feature Section

Elevate your business to the next level with all the powerful integrations with ease.

Why People Love The Magic of WebWand.Ai 🪄

Justin Smith

Social Media Coordinator

So easy to plugin your own OpenAI API keys and build social media posts and images in literally minutes. You can set up an entire month of posts in an hour, across all your platforms.

Courtney Peters

Graphic Designer

As a graphic designed, I get inspiration from stuff I browse while on the web. Now with WebWand, I can generate AI Images on the fly and help me with my creative process. I can't wait until the Midjourney Integration.

Cody Lee

SEO Consultant

It is just one of those tools that is a no brainer to buy and just have on your chrome. You can tap into other articles, create summaries, create SEO strategies, create images. Lifetime deal all day.

Kevin Morris

Web Operator

WebWand is something I use everyday now. Just a part of my tool kit to get things done quickly. You open it up and boom, AI instantly there for your use. Productivity is a 10x.

Jane Cooper

Medical Assistant

The real-time insights keep us nimble, enabling us to seize opportunities as they arise. SaaStrive helps me to elevate my business game.

Marvin McKinney

Dog Trainer

I'm impressed by how the SaaS Software Startup's analytics have enhanced our technical decisions. SaaStrive is the solution

Jenny Wilson

President of Sales

I can confidently say that SaaS Software is more than just software – it's our strategic data ally. Get data and insights and make a difference.

Jacob Jones

Web Designer

Our startup is riding the data-driven wave to success, and we owe it to these powerful insights of SaaStrive. It’s a true business companion.

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  • Access to All OpenAI Models
  • Build AI Images
  • Midjourney Access
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  • Request Features

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If you are not 100% satisfied, we have a 7 day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is an OpenAI API Key required?

Yes, You need an OpenAI API key to start using WebWand. The good news, it takes about 60 seconds to set up if you don’t have one. 

I have ChatGPT+, Does that Work?

No, to use WebWandAI, you need OpenAI API keys, which you can find here: ChatGPT+ or ChatGPT is a completely different product for OpenAI.

Do You Have A Roadmap and Future Features?

We sure do. You can see our roadmap here: 

To I Have To Pay for a Midjourney Account?

No, currently that is a part of your subscription!

Can I Save The AI Images?

You bet. You can download or save directly into your account. We auto-compress them for you as well. 

Does this work on all websites?

I would say it works on most websites. However, if there is a paywall or restrictive text, it will not work. 

Do you offer refunds?

Yes. We offer a no questions asked, 100% refund for up to 7 days. Just email us at and we will take care of you. 

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